My Tale of Transition from Self-Employment in France

Hello, lovely readers! I’m your narrator, a web designer intricately entwined with the realms of UX & UI Design, development, and now, dabbling in the intriguing world of prompt engineering. My career tapestry is as varied as it is vibrant: a four-year stint in the salaried world saw me navigating through a communications agency and sailing through three adventurous years at a renowned classified ads website, the French cousin of Craigslist. Then, the freelance world beckoned, and thus began a seven-year sojourn through self-employment, crafting digital aesthetics and artisan fabric accessories alike.

3 min readOct 10, 2023
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Embarking on Entrepreneurial Waters

Ah, the charming streets of France, where my entrepreneurial spirit first spread its wings! Journeying from a web designer to an artisan fabric accessory designer, each day was a new tale of creativity and innovation. My ventures weren’t just businesses; they were narratives, rich with passion, dedication, and intricate designs, thriving under the meticulous care of an entrepreneur whose heart was set on crafting stories in every creation.

Cotton label, hand-stamped with my logo. by Ort[i]e
Cotton label, hand-stamped with my logo. by Ort[i]e

A Whimsical Desire for New Horizons

But even amidst the thriving ventures and vibrant creations, change whispered its gentle tune, nudging me toward a pivot back into the salaried world. It was not an escape but a simple, whimsical desire for new adventures, a new chapter in a professional journey that had so far been anything but linear.

The Peculiar Silence of Potential Employers

However, the transition into the salaried world brought with it a peculiar silence. 75 applications cast across the splendid French landscape, each echoing tales of a diverse skillset and experiences, seemingly fell upon deaf ears. My seven years, rich with learning and experience, seemed to be perceived not as a period of growth and capability but subtly dismissed as a leisurely hiatus from “real” work.

Navigating the Conundrum of Perceptions

It brings forth a compelling reflection on the perceptions embedded within structured job markets, doesn’t it? How does a career, so vibrant and varied, become overshadowed by the comfort found in linear, unbroken chains of salaried roles? The implication was clear yet unspoken, portraying self-employment not as a period of relentless endeavour but rather an extended vacation devoid of “genuine” work.

A Tale Not of Despair, But of Solidarity

Fear not, for this is not a song of despair. It’s a melody of solidarity, for those whose self-crafted careers are viewed through lenses of scepticism, and an anthem for the diversified, non-linear, and authentically splendid journeys we’ve embarked upon. Perhaps the multitude of rejections were not barriers but nudges, gentle reminders that our skills and experiences were destined to bloom in spaces that embrace diversity and non-linearity.

Your Reflections in Our Shared Narrative

And here, dear reader, our stories intertwine, enriched by your reflections, thoughts, and perhaps, shared resonances. Your career path, irrespective of its bends and curves, is a beautiful mosaic that stands empowered and enriching in every step and decision.

Join the Conversation: Your Insights Awaited

So let’s converse, shall we? Share your thoughts, tales, and reflections. Have you too danced in tandem with the changing tides of employment and self-employment? How have employer perceptions moulded, shifted, or perhaps solidified your professional decisions?

Enrich this space with your claps, and allow your insights to cascade through the comments section below. Let’s weave a rich, empowering tapestry that celebrates every professional path, be it linear, diverse, multifaceted, or splendidly unconventional.

In our shared narrative of professionals and dreamers, let’s allow our tales to be heard, shared, and celebrated, crafting a melody that resonates with authentic, vibrant, and unapologetically true notes from our professional journeys. 💓🌈🤗




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